Exclusive dealer and installer for the following products in South Carolina….


Whirlybird Repeller

The WhirlyBird Repeller was formulated by its original inventors to repel birds to no avail, including fake snakes, owls, balloons, and electronic devices. The bird repeller uses constantly changing sound, vibration and reflections in order to continually keep birds off guard and effectively repel them. Trusted and used by the United States Coast Guard!


Corinthian Marine Carpet

Corinthian Marine offers the finest marine carpeting available today. As the manufacturer of many of our boat carpeting, snap-in AquaMat boat mats™ and marine flooring products, you will find our quality, selection and styles unsurpassed. Corinthian Marine’s boat carpet has been carefully chosen to coordinate with boat interiors including those of older models needing a simple boat carpet replacement.

Aquamat Drop In Replacement Carpet. A beautifully designed and custom fit AquaMat snap-in boat carpet will distinguish your boat from the ordinary. Removable snap–in AquaMats require a backing unique to this installation. Our exclusive backing will stay in place and not harm fiberglass decks – it has been proven by boat builders for over 20 years.

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Rydlyme Marine

RYDLYME Marine is a safe biodegradable marine descaler developed to dissolve problematic fouling mediums including calcium, rust, zebra mussels, barnacles, tiger shells and other mineral deposits that hinder the performance of vital water systems. This safe and simple solution effectively dissolves rock-like scale deposits that contaminate your water-cooled marine equipment.



Burnewiin Equipped means your boat is outfitted with the most innovative and handsome accessories packages available. The Burnewiin Rod Holder System is the simplest and most effective quick-release rod holder system on the market today. Whether you choose the heavy rod holders and gunwale mounts made of the finest stainless steel, or the injection-molded, glass-reinforced nylon, Burnewiin makes rod holders, rod mounts and accessories that will handle the big gear. The Burnewiin system is designed to blend into boat gunwales in the same way as traditional, flush mounted rod holders. The difference is, the Burnewiin Mount is designed to hold numerous Burnewiin accessories that include fishing rod holders, fender cleats, fishing knives, bait tables, downriggers, BBQ’s and more! Burnewiin also offers adapters for other manufacturer’s products, so that they will mount seamlessly into the Burnewiin mount. The mount includes a secure locking mechanism to hold accessories fast. Many boaters own more Burnewiin accessories than mounts allowing you to configure your boat for the specific needs of the moment

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Durable and shock absorbent, SeaDek provides not only an exceptional traction surface but also lessens the fatigue brought on by prolonged standing and working on hard decking and platforms. SeaDek also protects your deck from scratching, chipping and dents